At Boise Bike Academy we follow a coordinated and efficient approach to our sessions. By using this structured and progressive outline we maximize your fun, safety and learning so that you get the most out of your riding experience!


  • Meet n Greet

  • Safety Talk

  • Equipment Check: Bike inspection and safety check, Quick fit analysis, Suggestions or help making adjustments if needed




  • General quick warm up to get the muscles loose and ready for learning and riding

  • Continue Safety Talk as needed

  • Quick on bike assessment of base skills






  • Explanation, Demonstration, Practice, Feedback

  • Build technique with a progressive approach starting in a low consequence setting

  • Students can focus on body position and execution of fundamental and dynamic skills

  • Trail Time: Practical application to implement and fine tune new skills

  • Methodically add the next skill or next level of complexity





  • Review key points

  • Answer questions

  • Personalized feedback: Direct feedback helps you progress toward your goals

  • What’s next? Many things can be learned by reading books or watching videos, however nothing takes the place of live in person feedback to move you forward.

  • Ready to move on? Ideas, tips and guidance(homework) for what to continue or work on next.



  • Up to 30 days after your lesson you can call or email us if you have any questions about what you learned or if you need other advice

  • We are here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.