Bike Fitting / Suspension 

Bike Fitting and Suspension Set-up

A poorly fitted bike can make your day in the saddle range from uncomfortable and frustrating to downright dangerous.  A bike does not come from the shop set up for individual needs.

A professional fitting will:

  • Adjust to your specific height, weight and riding style.

  • Adjust suspension spring rates, sag, pressure, rebound, compression.

  • “Your” bike will operate at its peak for “your” riding style and ability.

  • Includes recommendations on components, saddles, bars, tires, and adjusting suspension on your own.

  • Fitting and suspension adjustment: $150 per bike.


Contact us to set up time and place to make your bike ‘your’ bike!

Available Clinics

We offer a variety of mountain biking clinics

for all skill levels.  Register and book online!

Bike Consultation

Consultation Services

  • Whether you are considering the purchase of a new bike, or have decided it is time to upgrade, our consultation services can answer the questions that will allow you to attain the bike that will most improve your riding experience.  As a professional instructor and experienced mechanic, I can provide answers to all your questions regarding …

  • Full Suspension vs Hardtail

  • Small, Medium, Large or XL

  • 29” vs 27.5” vs 26”

  • How much suspension do I want or need?

  • What tires are best for my bike and riding style?

  • Best Bang for your Buck

  • Rates to be agreed upon depending on services to be provided. Contact us for a free 10 minute service assessment.

Gift Certificates



  • Give the best gift ever! Tell us what you have in mind and we will set up the gift certificate then email you a printable (or shareable) document. Once the lucky recipient receives their gift they can contact us to discuss lesson goals and scheduling options. 

  • Gift Certificates are non-refundable but never expire.